What is Creatives Lunch?

Creatives Lunch is our community building initiative and educational platform channeled towards the growth and mentorship of young creatives and entrepreneurs in Enugu. On a cool late Sunday afternoon, once every quarter of the year, entrepreneurs and creatives come together, have intellectual conversations, share ideas, collaborate and bond over a delicious meal. We have successfully hosted Five editions, with an arm load of positive feedbacks, one of the most outstanding being a creative inspired by the event and starting creatives lunch in Yobe state.

As young creatives, we have realized that building one’s dream in isolation is a tragic sight. Even the best get stuck sometimes. Thus Creatives Lunch was birthed on July, 2019 as a quarterly meeting that brought young people in our community together to discuss innovative ideas and business practices while encouraging collaborations over a good meal. This has been immensely rewarding as we are learning and applying intentional conversations and collaborations plus leveraging on the network and creating value.

Images from our last lunch